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Amber’s strategies to “help tame and maintain your inbox” made a huuuuuge difference in my email processing. I was able to reduce my inbox from 2800 emails down to less than 100… And I have actually been able to maintain that! I feel like I’ve run a pretty organized business… but my inbox has always been my weak spot. Now, thanks to Amber's simple tips, I have been able to change the way I approach my inbox management and I have kept it to under 100 emails now for the last six months! I feel like I have a plan of attack and a strategic approach to how I process email.

Libby Greiwe,

What was really valuable was the breakdown of the five different steps of taming your inbox. I was excited at how simple it was considering the massive return it provided. I appreciated understanding how the folders create less clutter in your inbox and in return, less clutter in your brain. One of our clients who was part of your session said it saved her money because she wasn't busy in her inbox all day and she was actually able to leave work earlier. So in less than 24 hours (after the masterclass), she had already saved money.

Chanie Wilschanski